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Choppings & family history

This was a weekend of much gardening. My mother came over and helped chop things. There's still a mountain left to do, but the area we worked on is visibly improved.

1) I took down that stupid ash tree by the pond that I've been meaning to do something about forever, but never quite got round do doing anything more than pollarding before. It's surprising the difference it made in terms of light.

2) I pruned the grape vine right back. It's a little early, but the leaves were coming off it so I thought better get it done than risk forgetting it again!

3) weeded and chopped and filled many tub trugs with the results.

4) Earlier this week I took all the green figs off the tree. With a bit of luck this will result in a decent sized crop early enough next year that more fruit will ripen.

  The Family 'History' bit.
She had made an attempt at drawing up a family tree, which revealed the startling fact that she didn't know the names of her own grandparents. One of these days I must try to find those out. Also that a startling number of my Gran's large family were nutters of various stripes (I knew that, but it was pleasing to see them all laid out and be able to point and go 'and is that one mad as well?'.

Apparently I have a second cousin called Karen on the Isle of Wight, but she's not one of the mad ones. :-)

The prompt for this tree-making was, I think, having turned up a document that came to her from her Aunt Grace, which is supposed to contain the research of some American Cousins. Apparently, they came to the UK (when, we know not, and nor do we know their names, relationship to my mother or Aunt Grace, or their purposes... ).

They went to Somerset House, where they discovered some highly-coloured facts about a family called Steed, which Aunt Grace wrote down on now-yellowed and disintegrating notepaper. Sadly, the reason that they thought our family was connected to these Steeds is lost, but I am delighted to have a document to prove my relationship to the King of Barbados. (I never knew that Barbados ever had a king of its own, and Google doesn't seem to either) 

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