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Home visit success!

Did a home visit last week for another rescue -  young family with a 2 year old little girl,  who wanted to adopt a young greyhound x whippet.   I took Az, who is the same mix (though of course a lot older!) to check them out.  

I was a little cautious because 2 is pretty young, after all,  a greyhound cross is not a small dog, and a youngish adult is going to be boingy - and this dog had not had the best of starts in life either (neglect and mange) though she had been in foster for a while and was used to children. 

The little girl turned out to be beautifully socialised with dogs: loved Az, but  behaved better than many adults: approached gently, knew she wasn't supposed to shout (though it was hard!)  and didn't pester him.  Very cute moment when she offered him the bed her toy dog sleeps in: it was rather small, but the thought was there!   Parents were pleasingly robust too: I pointed out that with a largish dog and a small child probably at some point there would be a 'tail in face' or 'child knocked over' incident, and they weren't at all bothered.  Apparently a friend's springer has already been there and done that, and both parties survived. 

I just heard they took their new dog home yesterday: I hope it will be the start of a wonderful friendship. 
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