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Adventure in pictures...

I'm trying to do more painting and drawing at the moment on the grounds that if practice doesn't make perfect, it might at least improve matters somewhat. So I decided to try to document a recent roleplaying campaign in pictures. Do feel free to try to deduce the plot...

Wall of Albatrosses

The Fireball Approach to a Giant Crustacean Problem

Winning the firework competition (with giant fleas and added goats)
This one didn't photograph well, I'm quite pleased with it in real life but it looks a bit washed out here.

Not very successful drawing of a pair of goats in front of the residence of a recently deceased Archmage.

Beer tent at Kan-ban-tun (the one with the Ugly Barmaid). We played a lot of Maiden of Peng. 

Golem walks through Wall of Flame to meet a violent reception. 

The great (if, according to some,  unnecessary) Sea Battle with the Dog Faced Men of Kund.  
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