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Well, that was quick!

Before I had even had time to register Sacha with my vet,  someone wants to adopt her!  Sacha stopped over in Bath with someone that I shall dub 'Zummerzet' for a week before coming here.   I thought Zummerzet seemed deeply enamoured when we met to pick Sacha up, and she was! 

It took her a week having waved goodbye to decide that actually, she'd really like to adopt Sacha, and as she is one of the Oldies Club fosterers, she's already home visited and all that stuff.

So, we shall meet on Thursday, when  Zummerzet is next in Cornwall, and hand Sacha back!  I think Az will probably be sad, but I can hardly deny Sacha this chance, it's exactly the adoring home with someone about most of the time and dog companionship that I was hoping to find for her.

From a purely selfish point of view, it will be easier even if Az does get depressed again: Az has just noticed that Sasha is in season, and I'm having to keep an eye on them.  He waved goodbye to his plums a good 6 years ago so there is no chance at all of puppies, but I'm not sure how either of them would react to ending up tied, and anyway, a pair of mating dogs gives such a seedy air to a dining room... :-D


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3rd Oct, 2009 12:47 (UTC)
Oh gawd- mating neuters. Mikka only tried it on with Mechtilde once, and she nearly took him to bits! I've never seen a cat look so apologetic.
3rd Oct, 2009 13:11 (UTC)
Sadly, Sacha is a tart, she is positively relishing the whole thing and seizes every opportunity to wave herself in Az's face!
3rd Oct, 2009 17:45 (UTC)
Well to be fair, Mechtilde has been waving her bum at anything witha Y chromosone since she got here- it was just when Mikka took her up on the offer that she got all offended.
4th Oct, 2009 09:21 (UTC)
Sasha is an equal opportunities tart, she has been proudly showing off her bottom to Mollydog as well. Mollydog is a bit baffled, but being very polite about it, thankfully. You hear about awful bitch fights, so I am glad Molls is not that way inclined.

... I wonder if Mechtilde would have given a girl the come-on, or if Sasha is particularly openminded as animals go...!
4th Oct, 2009 09:24 (UTC)
... now I think about it, I'm sure chainmailmaiden said her two girl kittens were very interested in each other when in season.

Sasha doesn't display for the cats. I guess they can't smell right.
4th Oct, 2009 12:43 (UTC)
She's never waved her bum at me, or the children (both male, but probably don't really smell that way to her) but both toms, my husband, any man who walks through the door...
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