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More questions than answers

In a week of adventuring, many monsters were slain. Considerable debate took place as to which monsters really needed slaying. I created an impressive vision of a Cloud of Albatrosses with fireball support, of which I am very proud.

Mollydog had her leg operated on and re-dressed, and it was declared to be healing well. LadyofAstolat was sat on by a great many Big Brown Bears but none the less managed to create an impressive pyrotechical effect starring some giant fleas. Bacchus was sat on by a great many Bungles. Pellinor was perforated by a Bungle (there's always one...).

Number of archmages discovered to be dead: 2
Number of archmage deaths solved: 0
Number of Craft Items created (both in game and in real life): several
New economic systems debated: 1
Number of dethroned kings discovered:1
Quantity of bacon, beer, cider and wine consumed: best not to even ask.
Number of fraudulent traders discovered: 2 (or possibly, 3, depending on whether one counts party members). 

To do:
- solve archmage death mysteries, preferably without excessive carnage.
- avoid spending too many hours debating meaning of 'excessive'. 


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28th Sep, 2009 17:08 (UTC)
I understood everything until the incomprehensible phrase "excessive carnage"...
28th Sep, 2009 20:03 (UTC)
I am having trouble with long words like that all weekend. So I am just hitting things with axe. Much more simples :-)

But now I am waiting to see if I am allowed to, after clever people telling me off and saying it wrong to attack monster just for having friend in teeth.
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