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Sasha foster dog

New foster dog Sasha is not being cooperative about going to sleep. Every time I go to bed she gets up and starts crying. So am sitting here with radio 2 streaming, hoping that in a bit I can sneak to bed and just leave the radio and she won't realise. Az is sleeping next to her, but apparently that's not good enough. I suspect she's used to sleeping in her owner's bedroom, but I'd rather not go that way if it can be avoided.

Az likes her a lot, so at least that's gone well. She's just come into season which is rather a pain, but hey ho. Seems generally in good nick, though a bit scurfy and red/itchy on her back, but then she has been eating Pedigree Chum: better food may fix this.

It's really hard to tell what age she is. We were told 13, but that seems improbable (they also told us she was a lurcher, which she isn't, though there may be some whippet in there somewhere I suppose. )

So far, I know she enjoys her walks, is fine with all the cats (though Henning is a bit outraged, as so often...), likes dog company and is calm and relaxed in the house, but whether she's 4 or 9 I have *no* idea. If she's 4, she's nice and laid back and quiet, if she's 9, she's fit, active and in great shape. 8ish might not be way out for a small crossbreed with probably some sort of terrier in the mix...

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