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Sasha foster dog

New foster dog Sasha is not being cooperative about going to sleep. Every time I go to bed she gets up and starts crying. So am sitting here with radio 2 streaming, hoping that in a bit I can sneak to bed and just leave the radio and she won't realise. Az is sleeping next to her, but apparently that's not good enough. I suspect she's used to sleeping in her owner's bedroom, but I'd rather not go that way if it can be avoided.

Az likes her a lot, so at least that's gone well. She's just come into season which is rather a pain, but hey ho. Seems generally in good nick, though a bit scurfy and red/itchy on her back, but then she has been eating Pedigree Chum: better food may fix this.

It's really hard to tell what age she is. We were told 13, but that seems improbable (they also told us she was a lurcher, which she isn't, though there may be some whippet in there somewhere I suppose. )

So far, I know she enjoys her walks, is fine with all the cats (though Henning is a bit outraged, as so often...), likes dog company and is calm and relaxed in the house, but whether she's 4 or 9 I have *no* idea. If she's 4, she's nice and laid back and quiet, if she's 9, she's fit, active and in great shape. 8ish might not be way out for a small crossbreed with probably some sort of terrier in the mix...


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27th Sep, 2009 21:34 (UTC)
Good luck with the sleep plan
28th Sep, 2009 09:04 (UTC)
Well, it *sort* of worked - she whinged gently for a bit until she dozed off, but I think that's only to be expected for the first night.

She did however awake at 7am and howl in an unearthly manner. I'm hoping this is something that will improve with time, as I can't see it making her particularly desirable to potential owners!

All her possessions STINK of tobacco smoke! I had her tennis ball in my pocket this morning, and now my hands and pocket smell...
28th Sep, 2009 09:38 (UTC)
What a pretty girl. She reminds me a little of the Noodle, my mother's half dachshund.
28th Sep, 2009 10:49 (UTC)
Her face is quite dachsy from the side, but she has these long whippety legs and a very deep chest:
28th Sep, 2009 11:11 (UTC)
Where did this dog magically appear from? I'm fairly sure she wasn't lurking around your house yesterday morning, and I thought you were going to do an epic day-long cross-country trek to acquire her, possibly covering four dungeons and half a folder full of laminated notes along the way. I suspect a teleport spell. :-)
28th Sep, 2009 14:53 (UTC)
I went to see a woman about a dog shortly after you left ;-)

It turned out she had a holiday home in Cornwall and was down for the weekend, so I didn't need to drive to Bath after all.
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