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Mollydog broken again

If you read my Monster Iceland threads you already know this, but I thought I'd like to make a separate entry of it.

Mollydog decided to take off running in a field while we were away, on thursday 3rd - nothing new about that, Molls is generally great offlead and always comes when called so I'd said that they could let her off, as she is used to that and I felt she would be frustrated if kept on-lead.  Unfortunately, this time she tripped and hurt herself.  They thought it was just a bruise at first as she seemed to recover, but the next day it was very swollen so they got her off to the vet.

I can't fault the dog boarding place at all over this: she could have done it walking with me, and they got her to the vet as soon as it was apparent there was real damage. They were also great about taking her back in as soon as they felt she wasn't doing so well, and keeping me thoroughly informed even though it meant calls and texts to a mobile phone outside the UK.

The diagnosis is a damaged ligament, but there is a worry that there is an infection, because she had a temperature and the hock was so swollen.  She has antibiotics, Metacam (better for a ligament injury than her usual previcox, apparently) and her leg is bound up - I'm taking her in tomorrow to get it checked and re-bound.   She's on complete rest: no walks at all and minimum exercise in the house.  I must say I was expecting her to take that less willingly than she has done, so I think she is feeling a bit under the weather, she really only tries to move about if someone she knows arrives at the house.   She will put weight on the leg, but not much, and she has tripped and fallen a couple of times.   I'm rather concerned that she is still so tender with it.

29 kg of greyhound is no joke to be lifting up and down steps and stairs: why don't we have a flat garden and a bungalow?!


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10th Sep, 2009 21:51 (UTC)
Poor Mollydog! I hope there are signs of progress when her leg is checked tomorrow.
11th Sep, 2009 14:25 (UTC)
She was x-rayed this morning, and it looks like the ligament isn't healing correctly :-(. The leg is still way out of alignment.

She's got one more week to see if it will knit back together: if that doesn't work it will have to be pinned, which is a fairly complex operation and will probably make it impossible for her to run. :-((

Thanks for the good wishes, they are much appreciated.
11th Sep, 2009 14:52 (UTC)
This isn't good. A Molly who has to come to terms with not being able to run will not be a happy Molly, nor do I envy the difficulty of the operation. I hope that the ligament knits together after all.
11th Sep, 2009 07:26 (UTC)
Poor Mollydog - hope she recovers quickly.
11th Sep, 2009 14:26 (UTC)
Thanks - unfortunately, it's not looking good. The ligament is not healing so far and the leg looked all wrong in the X-ray. :-(
11th Sep, 2009 20:44 (UTC)
I'm so sorry to hear that.
11th Sep, 2009 12:42 (UTC)
Oh, poor Mollydog! *pats* *offers tripe*
11th Sep, 2009 14:27 (UTC)
Thanks. On Weds she didn't even want her tripe, though she's perked up a bit since then, she's utterly zonked today after a sedative and X-ray. :-(
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