bunn (bunn) wrote,

Special appeal for a foster/permanent home for Max GSD

OK, ok, I know. I'm posting this to as many places as I can, and this is one of them. I know nobody on my friends list will be able to adopt Max, but if there is anywhere you can crosspost him or anyone you can tell about him, that would be great. We are trying to get widest possible coverage on this. If we get the right home offer anywhere in the UK we will get him there somehow.

He's got acute separation anxiety, really severe, stresses if left for a few minutes, tries to dig out through the doors. We can't kennel him, he'd hurt himself, and if we can't find the right place for him quickly then he may be put to sleep to save his distress. He's physically healthy and otherwise a very nice dog, so this would be a shame.

Tags: dogs, oldies club

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