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Taters & figs & Bill Bailey.

The potatoes have put their heads above the compost.  I need to stick another load on the top of them now.

Ate the first fig today. It was excellent!  I still don't think I've quite got figs right, as I don't seem to get much of a crop, but the ones I do get are often rather delicious.

I really need to sort out the area where my bean pyramid fell over, if it's not too late.  the beans are still growing and flowering, but it's all rather a mess!  Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain too much.  

We've had such miserable weather recently that it seemed a waste to just garden when gifted with a sunny weekend.  So we went for a walk along the river Walkham, and saw lots of butterflies, including a lot of fritillaries that we've been unable to identify to species level.  Oh,  and a bird that we *think* was an owl out in daylight only it went away rather too quickly to be sure.

Went to see Bill Bailey doing his Tinselworm thing in Plymouth last night, which was much fun.

He looked a bit tired, I thought, but was very clever and entertaining, and did about 9 encores, including teaching the audience the words to 'La Bamba' and singing the Oppressive Chipshop Regime song.   It was very much a home crowd with lots of Westcountry jokes, including several about Combe Martin Wildlife park which I felt slightly went past the Plymouth audience but as a North Devon girl I much appreciated.... I suspect it would be quite different if you saw it in Manchester or somewhere.
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