bunn (bunn) wrote,

Reappearance of the monsoon

The garden is in a terrifically shaggy state what with huge amounts of rain, and as I have been ill I have not been in a mood to rush out and try to subdue it inbetween deluges.   We've had wind, too, which has knocked over my beanpoles so that the beans and peas are now growing together into a sort of huge Greenwitch style mound. 

I had intended to start working on the whole 'mounds of foliage' issue this evening, as things were finally looking dry - but the skies have just opened once more to deposit a young lake, in stair rods (why stair rods, I wonder - OK, they are quite thick, but how many houses even have stair rods?  We don't!  And anyway, surely the thing about stair rods, even if you've got them, is that they spend most of their time firmly fixed in place and *not* falling from the sky... )
Tags: garden, weather

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