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Peas (& dogs)

We had peas with our evening meal yesterday. I don't normally like peas, but had to eat these as I had grown them. They were very very fresh and delicious.

I'm not going to bother with the Sweet Green in future - the Delikett grew faster, produced more peas, and are edible both as peas and as mangetout, whereas the Sweet Green only seem to be good as mangetout, they get a weird bitter flavour once they start to pea up.

Discovered yesterday that Lucy Greyhound, who came to the Oldies Club as a stray,is Mollydog's younger half-sister: they have the same father [pedigree]. Admittedly there are 4672 other registered greyhounds that applies to, but still. Bit of a coincidence.

Lucy is almost 2 years younger than Mollydog, but I reckon she looks 1-2 years older.  She raced in Newcastle and that's where she was found straying, but where she's been for the intervening 4 years and how she ended up on the street is anyone's guess.  She was very underweight and her teeth were such a mess they all had to be removed, so pretty sure she hasn't wandered from a loving home.
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