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Note to self

1) when installing a new door, always, always, install *the handle* as well as the mortice latch, before closing the door, even if you are just checking the mortice is in the right place.  I knew this, but did it anyway.

2) When fitting a temporary handle before fitting the mortice, consider the position of the receiving doodad on the wall, before you drill.

3) when commissioning new windows, never ever buy, as the only opening window in a room, a window which is smaller than you can comfortably climb through.

4) before climbing through the uncomfortably-tiny window after making above mistake when fitting door, pause carefully and consider the location of all the tools and gadgets you will require to remedy the situation.  Otherwise, repeated journeys may be required.

5) all the above go double if you are the only human being in the house.

Oh well, we now have a new door and doorknob.
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