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I am one of the 'fluoride generation': or so my shiny new dentist tells me. Although this was my first dentist visit in 9 years, my teeth are reported to be in amazingly good condition and astonishingly clean.  Go teeth! 

Dentist tried to sell me Colgate as apparently far more effective than other toothpastes.  Told him I didn't like the taste.  Dentist non-plussed by this but as he'd just been raving about my astonishingly clean teeth, I felt it was OK to go on using toothpaste that doesn't make me retch. 

I don't know why practically all toothpaste is minty -  and why it has to be such a powerful mint!  It's horrible!.    My currently preferred one is Kingfisher Fennel (sort of aniseedy) , though I reckon a really good flavour would be clove and cinnamon.  Mmmmm cinnamon. 

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