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Pet ownership costs

... a dull post

I spent £232 on petfood in the last month.

I reckon this works out at:
approx £3 a day for all 6 cats (50p per cat)

approx £2.55 a day on food for 2 dogs (£1.39ish per dog, but then the dogs weigh about 4-6 catsworths.)

The remaining £63 seems to be mostly tripe sticks, oxtails, dried fish and other dogsnacks. I knew they were getting rather a lot of dried tripe, but that's ridiculous! From now on I resolve to spend not more than a pound a day on dogsnacks.

I also have insurance for the dogs, but not for the cats, costing a total of £460 pa, or  £1.26 a day.

Mollydog is on Previcox for her bad wrist, which is not covered by the insurance.  That costs 69p a day. 

They both have glucosamine supplements as well but I can't remember how long a £15 bottle of that lasts. Say 20p a day for that

So daily cost of running 2 dogs: £3.54, pushed up to £5.64 by insane quantities of tripe.  Not including vaccinations & checkups.

Total yearly routine cost of pets, not including vaccs, etc : £2387.10No wonder I have no money!
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