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The Devil's Vegetable

The Devil's Vegetable poll:

Poll #1416966 Sprouts

The Devil's vegetable is:

Another vegetable
Vegetables are grown and eaten only by the Good
Hell is too dark for successful vegetable gardening

In other news, I saw a male green woodpecker this morning, in the middle of an open field. He was industrously examining the fence posts. I think he must have flown in from the woods across the Tamar.

Minor grumble: my new, super-permeable contact lenses seem to be on slow focus. I can see things in a lot of detail, but changing focus on my eyes seems to take ages!

edit: dear me, the rich text editor gets its pants severely twisted once it comes to polls. Back to HTML editor...



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(Deleted comment)
17th Jun, 2009 20:19 (UTC)
Have you tried skinning them? Parboil, then pop them out of the tough grey skins and eat just the bright green centre of the bean. You wouldn't know they were the same vegetable.
(Deleted comment)
17th Jun, 2009 20:31 (UTC)
Fair enough. I'll scoff them all myself, then.
17th Jun, 2009 15:49 (UTC)
17th Jun, 2009 20:31 (UTC)
Ooooh, I could eat beetroot all day. Well, almost all day. Mmmmm. I had half a jar of pickled beetroot for lunch today. Now all my insides are bright purple. Well, so I imagine. I've not opened them up to look.
17th Jun, 2009 20:33 (UTC)
This week's veg box included a kohl rabi that was such a deep purple I almost mistook it for a stray beetroot.
17th Jun, 2009 20:43 (UTC)
I can't even sit at a table with it. The only good use I have heard of for beetroot is planting it next to a daffodil, so you get a purple daffodil.
17th Jun, 2009 16:21 (UTC)
Until recently I would have said it was broccoli (or brocolli? Can never remember, and it's too evil for me to want to look it up.) However, I have recently discovered that no evil can possibly be greater than raw carrot, especially when certain people get those horrid little stubby ones, cut their heads off, and put them vertically on their plate like some monstrous orange growth.

HOwever, in my opinion, most vegetables are skirting rather close to the pits of damnation.
18th Jun, 2009 23:01 (UTC)
Runner beans. Awful things, horrible texture and horrible flavour, but it's mostly the texture I dislike. They are a pod that should definitely not be eaten, ever. For some bizarre reason my mother grew them every year and they would be served at every meal while they were in season, and many out of season too, as she froze the surplus. It was always the same, every day.

Mum: "Would you like some Runner beans?"
Me: "No, you know I hate them"
Mum: "Well I just thought you might have changed your mind. Why don't you have some, they're lovely. Your father and I think they're delicious."
Me *very sweetly* "Well then I wouldn't want to deprive the two of you, why don't you divide my share between you?"

More than thirty years and she *still* can't remember I don't like them!
19th Jun, 2009 06:51 (UTC)
LOL. Parents!

I am growing them this year: will remember not to offer you any!
30th Jun, 2009 09:10 (UTC)
Carrots. Raw *or* cooked. Ugh.

I like sprouts ;-)
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