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A couple of days ago on my morning walk, I saw a family of foxes hunting rabbits. They were very young foxes, and were not hunting very expertly. There are so many rabbits about this year that they still had plenty to choose from. I did hear a shriek at one point; I didn't see the kill, but I'm thinking that was probably Mum Fox preparing breakfast.

Today I was walking down the hill near the same spot when I realised that there was a fox cub sitting on a wall in front of me. The wind was blowing from him to me, so he can't have scented me, though I'm a little surprised he didn't hear me. The dogs didn't spot him either, unless they thought he was a cat.

I got to about 10 feet of him, and then started to feel a little concerned that he still hadn't spotted me, so I said "Puppy, danger is approaching".

He turned and looked at me for a long moment with ever such a worried expression. Somehow it communicated all in a moment just how hard life is for a fox cub, and how very many things he has to worry about. I felt terribly guilty that I had come storming down the hill with my big feet and my dogs rather than quietly going round. Then he panicked and ran away.
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