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 Put up a new raised bed.   The pumpkins and squashes have both germinated (rather late, oops) so I have 2 plants of each, which I think should be just about OK in this 4ft square bed if I let them spill generously out of all sides and train them up poles and things. 

The first peas are in flower! The Delikett beat the Sweet Green by a couple of days, but are generally bigger and more robust. 

I've planted out into the greenhouse beds the rest of the peppers and aubergines (thinking I may have overdone it a bit if they all fruit well we are going to be inundated, but hey), plus physalis, and a couple of tomatoes my mum gave me. I am not a fan of raw tomato, but I can always cook with them.

I really need to mow and cut hedges and things but it's TOO HOT!
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