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Good and bad things

Good: fabulous weather and Friday
Bad: worked inefficiently, so failed to spend much time outside OR get much done.  Annoyed with self, disobedient elephant brain etc.

Good: talked to great prospective home for ancient staffy
Bad: Kjetil sicked up half a rabbit on the sofa while I was on the phone

Good: first day I've done Oldies rehoming line when there has been nobody trying to get rid of a dog
Bad:  foster home located for a three legged rottweiler  - but when I called to make arrangements, she had already been put to sleep :-(

Good: signed up small but interesting new web job
Bad: fairly sure I underquoted for it.

Good: FINALLY got Yama's vaccinations complete, by dint of trapping him in the house when he came in last night and keeping him in one room till morning.
Bad: bought two boxes of cherries. Turned out to be flavourless and yuck.

Good: runner beans are running away like nobody's business, ordered an extra raised bed frame for squashes.
Bad: Still no sign of my car (weeps)

Good: father in law came and brought gift of St Austell Clouded Yellow Beer! :-)

Good: ran out of bad things before good things!  Hurray!

Tags: cats, dogs, garden, oldies club

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