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Plantings & dog boarding

Yesterday, courtesy of a power cut which meant I could not work, my mother and I did some weeding and planted out the runner beans.  We weeded huge amounts, but you can still barely tell. Most irritating!   I need to buy an extra raised bed now as the soil is dug over.  Haven't decided whether to use it for squashes, or beetroot, yet.  Oh, and I harvested the one turnip that survived the cats as a small/young veg.  I am pleased it grew so quickly: that suggests that it ought to be possible to grow turnips as an early crop, then plant beans in the same bed.  
The dogs went to stay with Tonja at Dogtastic yesterday, to try it out.   I was seriously worried that it wouldn't suit, as they had several quite bouncy dogs there and Az isn't particularly tolerant of young boingy ones, but in fact they both settled really well, enjoyed their walks, socialised a bit and seemed very relaxed when I came to pick them up.   I had filled Tonja with heartrending tales of Az's many fears and early abuse, so I think they really went the extra mile to look after him.  Mollydog doesn't mind as long as there are: food, comfy bed and walks, so all was well there. I've booked them in again for later this year when we are going on holiday.  
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