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Thompson and Morgan :-(

I ordered two things from Thompson and Morgan this year:
1 bare root Aronia Berry : Viking
Kiwi Actinidia Arguta

The Kiwi looked rather washed out when it arrived from spending too long inside a box, but it wasn't in too bad a state.   I've since discovered that this climber seems to be very vulnerable to snails and slugs.  I should probably try  copper taping its support pyramid, but that's not the fault of the supplier. 

However, I was quite cross about the Aronia, which arrived VERY late for a bare root plant - late enough, in fact, that it was not dormant.  It had leaves  which had dried out and been damaged and blackened in transit, and feeble-looking white shoots that had clearly developed inside the box.  God knows what damage was done to the roots by sending it bare root when it was trying to actively grow. 

I've planted it, and it looks as though it's recovering, with plenty of TLC, but really they had my order last year, there was no excuse for sending the plant so late and in such poor condition.
In conclusion: I shall not be buying from T & M again, and recommend, oh reader, that you don't either. 

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