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Communication failures

Apparently a letter telling me I need a sight test (not just a contact lens check) has gone AWOL. I discovered this when I went to the contact lens check, about which I did receive a letter, and was told that I should have also booked a sight test.

Last week, a letter telling me that they were planning to turn off electricity to the entire village also failed to arrive. I learned of the powercut when everything stopped working*. These are only the letters that I know of. Who knows what other communications have been eaten by trolls?

I have 4 main email addresses for my 4 main identities, each hosted separately with a different provider, and using different anti-spam solutions. All of them lose email from time to time.

Anyone got a spare man with a cleft stick...?

* we have another power cut scheduled for tomorrow, but the letter about that arrived during the power cut last week, so at least I have matches and my camping stove to hand.
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