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Car again

 I just called the garage again (Exway Coachworks, if anyone wants to put it on their 'must-avoid' list. )

They had told me that the car would definitely be ready on Friday, but surprise surprise, it has more damage than they thought so we are once again waiting for parts.  Despite the fact that they've now had the car 5 weeks, they are still finding new things wrong with it, and apparently they were 'too busy' to phone me to tell me what was going on.

I really wish they had written the bloody thing off from the start: I could have bought a new car by now. I'd be totally skint, but at least I'd have a proper car that would fit 2 hounds in comfort.

I asked the garage for the total cost of the work so far and I thought they said: £3700 (they became very indignant when I asked about this.  I'm not sure why, it's my sodding car).  So I rang the insurance company, who rang the garage, who said £2700, which is the original estimate.  I'm pretty sure that I did explain that I wanted to know the total *including the new work*, but apparently nobody apart from the insurance company engineer knows how much that will cost.  How they can authorise it and order more parts without making any record of how much the parts costs, is beyond me, but it appears that is the case. 

I asked if there was any limitation on how long repairs could take before the car would be written off or the garage investigated but apparently there is no limit.  

The insurance company phone guy kept assuring me that the work would be done as soon as parts arrived, but was unable to explain, in that case why :
a) I was told that the original valuation took a long time because staff were on holiday and there was an unusual amount of work in.
b) if they confirmed that they had all the parts they thought that they needed 2 weeks ago, why they have only just noticed that additional parts are now needed.  I just can't believe they can really have been working on it for 2 whole weeks before they realised that the drive shaft needed replacing.   I wish I'd made more thorough notes now: I think it was Friday 1st that they confirmed they had all the parts, but I don't have a record. 
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