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Dog boarding notes

Went to see Dogtastic, near Stoke Climsland. 

It's a family-run  boarding cattery and they also have hens and horses. Dogs (up to 6 at a time) stay in their kitchen and utility room with access to their yard, which is paved/gravelled, and some access to a lawned garden, which is fenced to a standard that would keep a large dog in (unless a very enthusiastic jumper).  The fencing did not seem to be adequate to fully contain small dogs, a couple of them slipped out while I was there. 

They have a couple of border terriers and a beagle, and a labrador and a small Jack Russell were staying there when I visited.

Good things:
- It's a very quiet rural location, which is important, because Az gets very stressed by road noise, busy locations, unfamiliar people -  which rules out quite a lot of places.
- It's close at hand to drop them off.
- daily walks of 3-4 miles (but they are prepared to walk Mollydog separately if her leg plays up)
- not too many dogs to cope with, not much barking (Molls seems to dislike kennel barking noises and starts to cry and fret)
- Az seemed relaxed while there, and rolled upside down on the lawn!
- it's their only business, so there are people around most of the time (Az not good at being left)

Less good things
- Molls really struggled walking on their paved/gravelled yard, it's the sort of surface that she finds hardest.
- I'm not sure how much access to the lawned area they normally allow, the dogs were gated into the yard when I arrived (though the owner noticed this and said she could have more access to the lawn if needed).
- I got there at 2pm and the dogs had not yet been walked (due to a family party the previous night)- mine are used to 2 walks a day every day without fail.
- Dogs are only in the kitchen and utility, not the rest of the time - how much time would they actually have people around?

I've booked them in for a trial night next week,but I'm feeling a bit  stressed about it.
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