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- Went to Tavistock to the farmer's market on Saturday.  It's so much nicer shopping in a town than at a supermarket!  I bought, among other things, a chicken carcass with all the expensive bits removed, from Providence Farm.  It made quite a lot of very nice soup (would have been more soup, without a technical hitch with the lid of the liquidiser.  Oops.  Messy.)  I'm not sure why, but Providence farm chicken seems to have so much more flavour than most chicken. I made soup the other week from some random (but free range) chicken and it was nothing like as nice, the hounds had most of it.

   I also bought a loaf of bread made with wild garlic leaves, which seemed like a good use of a very abundant wild vegetable. It went well with the soup.   I might try this next year because my ramsons are really doing well now.

- Bought lunch from the Food Dreckly stall.  Philmophlegm had belly pork in a bap, which was apparently very fine.  Belly pork seems to be one of those things that are suddenly very popular, and quite right too. I had a lambburger, which was delicious.

- We went out in the evening to Langmans. Quite an experience, I've never been anywhere quite like it.  It's only open 3 evenings a week, and it tiny, so booking is always a bit of a gamble, but we persisted, because we've been before.  It's in the middle of Callington, which is a small poor town notable mostly for its giant pasty factory.  The restaurant is next to a pasty shop and round the corner from a chippy and a kebab shop - exactly where you wouldn't expect a restaurant to be.

It took us 4 hours to get through 6 courses, each one apparently prepared by an obsessive perfectionist with a passion for experimentation.  In fact, even calling it 6 courses is understating the case, really, given that there were amazing appetisers, petit fours straight from the oven, 3 sorts of bread, and the pudding course was three tiny complex puddings on a tray.  My favorite thing was a passionfruit jelly thing that popped in your mouth like Space Dust.  

It was food as a sort of divine insanity: I can't imagine actually wanting to cook like that, but what a thing to experience!

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