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Oh bobbins.

 I have just learned that the person who normally looks after our dogs when we are away has had a Very Expensive incident with a breeding mare, and is going to have to move back to the South East to earn money to pay for it. 

Selflishly, my main worry is 'who will look after the hounds when we go to Iceland???' (we are planning a trip later this year).   In the absence of a Universal Translator which I can use to explain ideas like 'we'll be back in a couple of weeks' I am not keen on putting Mollydog, who spent her first 5 years in kennels into a kennel environment and don't even want to think about what that could do to Az....  We have relatives coming to cat-sit, but a higher level of trust is required for the dogs, I think, and these are not dog people, so I'm not sure if they would even be prepared to dog-sit as well, even if I trusted them to do it, which I'm not sure I do...

There is another 'in our own home' dog boarding person fairly close by who has those dates free, so I plan to interrogate her within an inch of her life this weekend to determine whether she will be a suitable person to be entrusted with the care of the hounds.    I really need somewhere where there will be people around most of the time and no road noise.  Ex Dog Boarding person used to let Az sleep in her bed, but we can probably cope without that! 
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