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Saffy goes home

 Saffy's new owners met up with me this evening to take her for a walk and then take her home.  I was feeling rather stressed about this today - they came to walk her on Weds, and she bolted and ran back to my house.  Plus she's a very cuddly dog, always wanting a hug or coming to sit on your feet, so all together,  I felt  like a git making her move on when she was making it so clear that she was feeling happy and settled! 

I felt a bit happier about it after walking with them though - they were talking about the walks they were going to do with her, and about how they'd invited their family to bring their dogs over to visit on Sunday so she could have some offlead time, and they'd bought her a new collar disk and lead.  By the end of the walk she was responding to them calling her to come to a certain extent.  After all, she's not been with me all that long so I'm pretty sure she will quickly bond with them.  I've given them pages of info and what was left of the bag of food so she's got something familiar to eat to start off with. 

Strangely, Mollydog seemed most confused - she wanted to get in the car with Saffy and got a bit upset when I told her to get in with Az.   They were both a bit wingey* this evening, but after a big mass cuddling session (during which Az washed my ears very thoroughly: he likes ears) they both seem to have settled down now. 

*there seems to be no correct-looking way to spell this, but maybe it isn't really a word?
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