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Aargh day

Every year, there comes a day when suddenly, everything in the garden seems to be growing terrifyingly fast, and I panic and realise that I can't hope to keep up with it all and that if I take my eye of it for a moment it will all rush the house like a gang of triffids and There is No Hope.   I have decided to name that day.  It is Aargh Day.

I think it's probably impossible to avoid Aargh Day altogether, but my objective for the future will be to push AD back, and reduce its impact each year.

I worked on the front garden today.  It had sort of got out of hand while I concentrated on the back, but I hadn't realised how much until I started on it.  I've cut the lawns and the beech hedge at the front, but it still needs all the other hedges sorting.  The hebe has got out of hand, somehow I missed cutting back the buddleia, and the whole area on the right of the path needs serious weeding and pruning.

At the back, I haven't planted any runner beans or pumpkins or squashes yet. There are several piles of stuff that needs burning or shredding, and remarkable numbers of nettles and brambles creeping into the areas that I had cleared last year, even though I've been working on that.  The hedges need to be finished off too.  And the lawn needs mowing again at the back *already!*.  Though I'm Thinking Positive about that and considering it as incipient compost.

The rhubarb seems very weedy and not very chunky this year.  I think I neglected feeding it last year, plus it's been rather dry. 

The back patio is incredibly grassy and needs properly weeding and sorting out. I want to keep the best weeds (there are some great cowslips, for example, and the campanulas will be excellent in June) so that means hand weeding, and my hand weeding tool is broken.

On the plus side, my cherry tree is in blossom and if the dry weather lasts a few more days, it should definitely set fruit.  And the fig tree has figs the size of my thumb already, which I think is unprecedented.

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