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Car annoyance and gardening

 So annoyed - I bumped a bank at exactly the wrong angle and have knackered my car's steering. I was stuck right in the middle of a very narrow walled lane when I did it, so I then had to pull the car forward with knackered steering to get it out of the way, and that has shredded both front tires (because of course the wheels were pointing at mad angles).   So no car till Tuesday when I can get a courtesy car, and an insurance claim for the steering, one panel, and of course the tyres which are practically new.  Am hoping that the car can be economically repaired, as I really can't afford to replace it at the moment and I'm sure the insurance people will give me the tiniest possible amount for it. 

On the other hand, we had a very successful burning today and got rid of a mountain of bits of tree and bramble root.  It's magic the way that such a large amount of stuff is digested down to a tiny pile of ash. I was so pleased with it that I rushed about afterwards gathering more stuff to burn before the fire died down too far.   It's so dry at the moment, the fig tree already has noticeable figs.  

I must take some  photos of the wood anemones and ramsons in the woody corner, they are spreading all over the place. The ramsons were from an online plantswap, and I think I bought the anemones as corms.  I didn't buy any more after that because they didn't seem to do very well, but perhaps they just needed a long time to settle in. Or a dry spring. 
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