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Saffy Notes - continued

Left her today for half an hour crated: no barking when I got back and she didn't seem particularly stressed, though we had just done a  longish walk and had lots of balls so probably she was shattered.

Yesterday I tried what I do with my hounds: walk first then stop at the Co-op on the way back and everyone gets a Scotch Egg afterwards for sitting quiet in the car while I grab a few bits.  This didn't go so well: she didn't bark in the car or set the alarm off, but she was clearly stressed when I got back.  She had a go at eating her Scotch Egg but brought it up again.

No straining or runs, but she is still doing a few little poos that are softish rather than one big solid one.  I'm not going to start messing with her diet yet though as she doesn't seem to be in any distress and this may settle with time.

Pretty good now with the cats, except that she gets very excited in the morning and wants to bark and run about, which they think is very loutish behaviour so early in the day. 

When I adopted Mollydog I noted how different hounds were to the collie-ish sort of dogs I was more used to: I'm now having the reverse experience and relearning how collies think.  The most obvious difference is that Saffy is very good at understanding human speech, and wants to please.  Mollydog at any rate seems to have a much smaller vocabulary of words she understands (which probably fits with a dog that grew up as one of a batch in kennels rather than having a one to one relationship with an owner).  

I'm also confirming my theory that Az is a little bit collie in his brain and the makeup of his lurchery mix.  He's much more like Saffy than Molly is in terms of behaviour. 

I don't think either of the hounds is anything like as keen to please as Saffy: if I want them to do something, then I need to convince them that I'm worth listening to.  Saffy thinks that all people are worth listening to.  Which is not to say that she doesn't go selectively deaf when she sees another dog and wants to socialise with it, but the quality of her disobedience is different.  For a start, the 'I Really Mean It' voice has a lot more impact on Saffy than it does on the Hounds.  She pretends she can't hear, whereas the hounds tend to make it quite clear that they can hear me perfectly well, will consider my viewpoint and get back to me at some point... 

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