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More Saffy pics and notes

She ate the tennis ball I bought her, so today I got a solid rubber one.   She nicked one of those from a whopping GSD this morning and got slightly flattened (though not in a nasty way) so I'm assuming she likes those.

Here she is sizing up the mark and planning her heist (and showing how weeny she is)


More boinging:

I have no explanation for this:



Three Very Good Dogs:

And finally, a bit worn out...

She's such an attractive little dog, and wants a cuddle from everyone she meets, so I am hopeful she will find a new home fairly quickly - I hope so, because although she is absolutely lovely, a new dog in the house does involve quite a bit of extra looking after and cat-reassurance.  Plus 3 dogs don't really fit in the boot of my car (or at least, they don't Mollydog Fit, which means 'I need all the space and nobody is to tread on my paws'. Also, Saffy's too small for the rear headrests to block her climbing over the seats, so today I had to get her a car harness....

Cat training is getting there.  She's OK with Perl, who simply will not run, and  with Yama, who knows no fear and simply ignores her.  She was scared of Yama, but I think she's getting the hang of him now.

With the other cats everything is fine as long as they sit still, but if they stand in her way, she gets scared of them and wants to back off, and if they show signs of running she wants to lunge at them, so at the moment she's on-lead in the house and garden.  A minor nuisance.

One thing I can't quite figure out: if I pick a cat up in my arms, then Saffy becomes very excited, and starts jumping and yipping.   I'm sure this must be related to what Az does if I pick Mollydog up: I've previously noticed that this makes him very excited  and he jumps up (which is something he normally never does) and pulls at her.   The question is,  why is an animal in someone's arms so much more exciting than one on the ground?   Odd. 

I am now sporting the unfashionable ''shredded cleavage' look as a result of this discovery, when a cat took off upwards using my chest as a launchpad...

I had resolved to stick to 2 meals a day for Saffy as that's how most people feed their dogs (mine get 4 meals, because Mollydog can be extremely loud if she feels like a little something -  and always seems to start just  when you have a client on the phone and are trying to sound professional!).   I also chose Burns Chicken and Rice for her, which is a decent food but a bit less financially challenging than the JWB lamb and veg that my dogs get, so I'm hoping her new owners will be able to carry on with that.

But she's awfully skinny under all that fluff, her chest is as deep as a sighthound's and you can feel all her ribs and pelvis, and I can't think that's right for a collie.  So I've decided to simply give her extra meals for now, which is simpler really as I don't have to shut her away while I feed the others.

So far, no signs of colitis at all, and she seems very relaxed and not particularly clingy (for a collie).  Good news!

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