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Saffy is an Oldies Club dog who was in a foster home in Plymouth, but it turns out that she's not at all good at being left and gets really stressed and barks when left. As her fosterer worked part time and has near neighbours, it had all got a bit difficult, so she's come to stay with us for a bit as I work from home and am sort of used to dogs that aren't good at being left. She is a fairly weeny collie x with a strange little bob-tail.

She's supposed to be 10, but I'm not entirely convinced. A rather young 10... pics are a bit blurry as it was getting dark by the time we got home and had met the cats and so on.

We met up in Plymouth for a walk first, and everyone seemed to get on so I brought her home.  It was a bit sad as the foster family had 3 kids all of whom came along to say goodbye: I think they'd have liked to have kept her, but just weren't set up to handle the not being left thing.

Here she is with my hounds (and remember Mollydog is small for a greyhound:

Playing about to happen...

And happening:

(notice cat in background pulling Face of Outrage: that is Kjetil, I don't think he's too traumatised though, as it's taken me an incredibly long time to type this because he keeps licking my hands and rolling about on the desk. Saffy is currently watching telly from underneath the same desk...)

She seems to be a bit scared of the cats, which is probably healthy.  The Brown cats are being cautious at the moment, Suma made himself very big and made her run away, and Yama and Perl couldnt' care less so far as I can tell.

I've popped out of the house a couple of times for a minute or so, and so far no barking. She ate her tea fine and has also eaten a couple of tripe sticks. She barked at Kjetil when I picked him up, but I think that was fear, she's definitely a bit nervous of the cats, but at the moment I am thinking that she doesn't seem hugely bothered by them.

She's a big fan of other dogs, really wants to play. Was very alarmed when I squeaked one of Molls toys at her though - ran away and hid!

She doesn't seem keen to go into the crate at all, and she has spurned my home made liver treats, so I'll have to see what else can be used as a lure. Vanessa mentioned that she hadn't shut the door on the crate she was using with her, so I don't think she can really be called crate trained. I think given that she's really not showing any signs of problems with the cats, I'll let her choose which bed she wants to use tonight (I'd set the crate up for her, but she won't go near it.) (why do we have 5 dog beds upstairs when we only have 2 dogs, I ask myself...)

She wasn't great at coming when called for Vanessa either, I'll need to work on that.

... Oh good, she's dozed off! 
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