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Insurance annoyance

You would think that being inside your house all day would be seen by insurance companies as a bit of a security feature, a desirable trait in someone who wants to buy house insurance? But no! Many companies specifically exclude you from a quote if you have any kind of home based business, even though I have both a business insurance policy AND Professional Liability insurance, so it should be no skin off their noses. In the end I had to buy from somewhere where the second girl I spoke to told me the policy would cover me (though the previous person had said I needed to buy extra cover).

Egg wouldn't give me a quote because I am in the house all day, but have no burglar alarm. I AM my OWN burglar alarm!

I just hope nothing ever goes wrong and I never have to claim on the damn thing...

I got the Oldies Club Christmas cards sorted - we've already sold half of them and the mailing has only just gone out to members : I should have bought twice as many (we ordered 500 to sell in packs of 10). Drattit. Now wondering whether to buy another lot: it hurts to do it though, because we will pay so much more for a second batch of 500 than we would have done for one batch of 1000. Ah well. Next year we'll know better.

The Battersea Dogs Home has requested a link exchange with the Oldies Club, so I am chuffed by that at least!
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