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It was supposed to rain and blow today, but it didn't so I took garden pix.  There are loads of tadpoles in our pond, incidentally.  I thought the spawn had gone green and manky: well, it was definitely green, but it's very full of wrigglers.
My new raised beds (photo also features my neighbour's washing I now notice...)

Some of my primroses. Those blurry things in the background against the sky are far too many raspberry canes, which I really must sort out.

Some daffodils posing in a sunbeam

I cut a hole in a bush to make this view as my nice bench wasn't facing anything interesting.

Primrose path

Rhubarb is doing well!

Mollydog woke me in the night to complain about the absence of the Adored One, AKA philmophlegm, who is away for a few days.   I can only assume that my snoring is either not loud enough, or is in the wrong key.
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