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The orchids have now all stopped flowering (not bad: that's something like 10 months in bloom!), but the two larger phalaenopsis plants already have several new shoots coming. I am hoping that the smallest phal will also flower again next year, but it was rather neglected when I bought it so I fear it may need to build up its strength first.

I am not sure if the end of flowering is a natural end of season thing, or if it was stimulated by the plumbers leaving all the doors open for several days, because it did get a bit chilly then, OR if I didn't water quite often enough in late August when they were in full sun.

The Miltonopsis, despite its supposed need for very high humidity, is still doing very well under more or less the same regime as the phals, and has produced a few extra leaves and roots. The leaves are still green to the tips, although a few of the smallest and oldest have withered. The question is - is it just surviving, or will it be healthy enough to flower? The test will come in spring - it flowered in March, I think, so I am hoping it will do the same again.
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