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A birthday

I had a very exciting birthday. Mark had bought me a Very Exciting item in the recent Greyhound Gap auction - a sculpture of Mollydog by Pauline, who is a hugely talented artist who mostly makes models and props for films. We had to go and have Molls photographed and measured at their workshop, which is in Shepperton, so a bit of a trek.  We stopped over at the Old Manor House B&B - a strange place - a Tudor mansion around which suburbs and reservoirs had crept.

Molls was very good indeed and did lots of Mollydog Posing (and ate a lot of fig and oat biscuits). Az was a bit stressed to begin with but settled down after a bit: I was very pleased with him as he really is not a Town Dog at all.

Then she had to stay still and be measured,and she did that very well too, she is now officially 'Less Wiggly than Helena Bonham Carter'. We got to see loads of gruesome things such as detached legs and stomachs, and the original head of Kryten from Red Dwarf, and tried to play 'guess the star' very unsuccessfully from all the plaster heads. It's very hard to recognise people when they have no hair or colour in their faces...  We also meet Pauline's rescue Afghan Jim and his little dachsy cross friend.  Apart from being a rescue sighthound person, she turned out to be a gamer too, and a Neil Gaiman fan.   We were interested to find out that a while ago they had been commissioned to make a huge number of whales and fish, then the film they were making them for went bust just before they were paid for.  Apparently they still have 40 full size rubber whales in a warehouse somewhere.

I am really looking forward to seeing what Pauline comes up with in terms of Mollydog sculpture: it's going to be a bust of her head, but it will be interesting to see how she does her. Pauline was most amused by the fact that in practically every photo the tip of her nose was pulling sideways sniffing away, and christened her 'banana nose'...

Then Pauline got a call from Jules, who had arranged the Greyhound Gap auction listing and happens to work on Silent Witness: they were filming not far away and would we like to come and have a poke round? Obviously this was far too good a chance to be nosy to ignore, so we went, and saw exactly how much milling about gets done for every second of filming.  Pauline gave us some bullet holes to deliver to the set, so we had a Quest.

They were doing a huge mass killing scene with loads of policecars and things at Kingston university, which was all dressed up with fake names and labels so it wasn't recognisable.  Apparently universities don't like to be associated with mass student killings.  It seems things have changed since 'Morse'...

Mollydog met lots of people, poked her nose in everywhere and generally behaved like a star, Az behaved as though he'd really rather not have been there, but was OK on the whole.   I was hopeless and unable to recognise various vaguely famous people, but fortunately Mark did so all I had to do was nod. 

Then we went to Virginia Water and had icecream and let the dogs mooch about and do doggy stuff, which was a nice end to the day (well, apart from the drive back to Cornwall: the hounds were flat out for that after all the excitement)
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