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Today I finished filling the raised beds and sowed peas:
Peas Sweet Green
Peas Delikett

I have run out of seed labels so I have planted them in the Bed of Peas in alphabetical order, in the hope that I will remember this later. I have also thinned the turnips, and liberated them from the cloche, which I needed for the peas.  I didn't have enough cloches for all the peas, so I have made a sort of rough one out of a sheet of plexiglass and some hazel twigs. 

I note that the fig has developed some very tiny figlets already.

Az is driving me nuts.  We have almost run out of tripe sticks, so I am rationing him to 2 a day till the new box gets here.  He really isn't happy about this.  I have created a monster that believes the tripe dispenser is powered by giving paw, if necessary, with violence.

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