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The turnip seedlings are looking very healthy. I really only put them in as an experiment so I've decided not to sow any more this year.   Radishes looking not quite so happy - I think they have been slugged. a bit.  Put in another row of radishes (still in greenhouse as these are supposed to be a quick crop that I can harvest before the main greenhouse things go in).

Also in the greenhouse, I put in a line of lettuce ( a cut and come again variety) and the remnants of a packet of spring onions from a couple of years back. I don't know if these will germinate, but reason that they stand a better chance in the ground than in the packet.

I would have planted some peas this weekend, only my Plan requires that the peas go in the bed south of the runner beans, to avoid them being shaded by the runners later, and although I have filled the northern bed with compost, I haven't managed to fully fill the southern bed yet, it needs another couple of loads.

In my propagator, I have planted: 2 sorts of pepper (Orange Baby, which I had left over, and Hamik, bought new this year) one aubergine (moneymaker) and one physalis. It's irritating that the seed company doesn't say what physalis it is, but I'm assuming peruviana.

Oh, I forgot that when I was turning over old seed packets I found a couple of packs of unused wildflower seeds.  Mostly poppy and cornflower, I think. I've scattered them round the area where the shubbery used to be.  I'm not expecting most of them to come up, but again, they stand more chance in the ground than in the packet!

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