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Things Done

1) finished the redecoration of the shower room and put down new lino.  I am pleased with my lino (well OK Vinyl)- cutting skills as the fit around awkward things like the loo and basin is quite good. 

2) went and explored the north end of Burrator reservoir with Mum and the little dogs.  Az was ahead of me in a gateway off lead: so I called him back: when I got to the gateway I realised there had been a sheep about 10 feet in front of him, but he came back straight away!  Good BOY Az!

Later we were walking past a pool which had a lot of grass floating on the top.  I saw Mollydog eyeing some ducks on the other side of the pool, so I grabbed her collar, and said 'No Molls, that may look like grass but it's actually..


Az hit the pool and was very surprised to find that it was made of water not grass.  He had to swim back.   Not a happy doggy.  Luckily he wasn't wearing his coat so he only got himself soaked...

The mossy woods and stones around Burrator are fabulous and there are many trees all full of huge lichen beards.  I took some pics but I think probably the light wasn't good.   Burrator has gained an extra car park and a number of extra footpaths since the OS map we were using was made.  This made things a bit confusing, but we didn't get *very* lost.

3) Made a rabbit Stoo, with beer and dumplings.   Note: 2 decent rabbits makes enough Stoo for probably 4 people.  Even having let the cats and hounds have some, there is quite a lot left.

4) Ate the Stoo, with more beer.

5) watched a program about growing your own drugs, which made me want to plant hops.  I like hops, they are decorative and have a nice feel to them in a garden.  And apparently when dried and in a pillow, they are quite an efficient soporific.  (I think I vaguely knew that, but the usefulness of these programs is that they inspire you to actually do something about it).
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