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Many tiny tiny things.

1) watching repeats of the new version of Dr Who, I am once again amazed by how much better than the old Dr Who it is. I can only say this because Polo is away in Oxford for the night. But it is. Hurray! for new Dr Who.

2) Somebody lost a Shitzu on the hill a couple of days ago. I really hope they found it but I had to go home to work before it turned up. Now I am worried it may have fallen down a mineshaft.

3) We bought some new DECT cordless phones. The Phillips ones are good: the Motorola ones seem to be tormented by endless faults. I keep phoning the suppliers to get them to send more bits.

4) Contact lenses are playing up again, damnit. Think I shall have to go to the opticians before we go to Istanbul.

5) Ash the rabbit is supposed to be litter trained, but this seems to have produced a rabbit that thinks it's OK to wee in her bedroom as long as there is newspaper in it. All my previous rabbits have been self-training, so I am not sure what approach to take here. At least Joop, who teats up newspaper, does not tear up weed on newspaper.

6)I really want to adopt this dog but Polo won't let me. :-((( The bastard breeder has handed over a whold batch of dogs of an incredibly rare breeed and no-one has even heard of them so they are a RIGHT GIT to rehome. WHY DID SHE BREED THEM THEN? Not to mention the previous batch handed to the RSPCA a year or so ago by the same breeder, one of which is still waiting.... grrr.

7) Whiskey is surprisingly potent and has an awfule effectn on one's tieping evewn if you ahve lots of ice.

8) but it does not make me green despite what the icon might suggest. (Suggest is a very difficult word to typ.)
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