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Inner ear misbehaviour...

Yesterday we watched 'Cloverfield'.  It is a film that in many ways exactly meets my requirements for films.  There were explosions.  There were helicopters.  There was a giant monster (and a lot of little monsters) loose in Manhatten.   There was a a grim warning about the dangers of using a mobile phone in the event of alien invasion, supporting all my secret technophobe tendencies. (My tastes in films are not elevated, you may have gathered...)

As I watched, I became more and more nauseous.  I was trying to think what on earth I could have eaten to give myself such an upset. Could it have been tasting the fish pie we had for tea before the fish was entirely cooked through...?

I finally worked it out about 2/3rds of the way through - it was the dratted camerawork.   The conceit (rather clever, I thought) of the film was that it was a personal record by a bloke who happened to be operating a video camera when monsters came to town, so there was lots of whirling about, changes of focus, camera jiggling about, etc, etc.     I've had this problem with computer games before: my brain really cannot cope with being told it's whirling about while it knows perfectly well that it's actually just sitting still.   But a mere film where I'm not even controlling the action, and am sitting well away from the screen, has never had this effect before...

  The last bit of the film I had to just listen to the sound track,with philmophlegm doing a commentary and occasionally opening my eyes for a brief flash of visual.  Then I had to crawl painfully upstairs and have a bath to try and calm my worried inner ear. I'm so glad I didn't go to see it at a cinema!

So: good film, not ideal if you have this particular oddity though.   Weirdly, I almost never get *real* travel sickness. Give me a ferry leaping like a dolphin over the waves, and I'll be all : "where are the doughnuts?" 
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