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Seen without a camera

I've been trying to work out why the old man I saw wandering along the road last week immediately struck me as a wonderful image.  On the face of it, he was just a fat grumpy old man with a beard. 

But I've just pinned it down - he was Paddington Bear!   That's why he looked so iconic.   He was wearing a dark blue duffle coat and wellingtons, and he had that kind of rounded look.  He had a square brown bag made of that sort of sackcloth material rather than a suitcase, but it was about right in relation to the size of his body.    Admittedly, Paddington normally wears a big hat not a beany, and does not have a beard, but none the less the resemblence was striking...

The other thing I saw I will definitely not try to paint because I don't think I could do her justice, but it was a black lady with the most amazing dreadlocks, mounted on a really beautifully turned out bay horse, all slender legs and shiny.  She was wearing perfect jodhpurs, formal jacket  and very stylish long boots.
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