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Things to do ... with dogs!

We're going to Shepperton  (off the M3 near Woking) in March, so Mollydog can have her details taken for her sculpture.   We'll be there at 10am, and it probably won't take more than an hour or so, so we thought we'd look for something interesting to do afterwards or on the way home.

Thing is, the SouthEast seems to be a monumentally un-dogfriendly place: anything that looks vaguely interesting is 'no dogs', or at best 'dogs allowed only into the peripheral areas where nothing interesting can be seen'.    I was thinking perhaps RHS Wisley, but no, it's no dogs (so is Rosemoor now, I note - :-( I'm sure that's changed recently, too, and I don't know *why* - if you go there in the winter, the place is practically deserted, they'd attract more visitors if they were dogfriendly at least out of season  ) .   Westonbirt Arboretum is dog friendly, but that would mean coming back along the M4. which makes the journey quite a bit longer.     Maybe we'll just come home and then do something locally instead.  :-(

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