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State of the Garden

Back lawn looking scruffy. It is only February : one cannot really expect much. That pale wood is one of my new raised beds.  You can just see some primroses over on the left under the apple tree.

The pond is looking quite mature now (or, as some would say,  a bit scruffy!) . There were frogs singing in there today, but they all hid when I took the camera out. Those rather sadlooking things sticking up are wild yellow flag iris: it gets a lot bigger than the domesticated blue water iris growing behind it, which looks rather greener.

I don't know what to do about this awkward bit between the pond and the greenhouse. It's full of stones and weeds. After I took this photo,  I shoved an ancient cotton rug over it to try to deter the weeds.   Note my new gate, beech hedge and fence.   I must get rid of the old gate!

Steps could do with sweeping. I'm pleased that campanula on the right has taken so well, that will look fabulous in June and I planted it there.

My new raised beds - one of them now full of lovely home made compost, and the wheelbarrow waiting for me to fill the other one. I put another load on the 'filled' bed after this pic, so it is quite full up.

The rhubarb is coming up already. No, no, wait! I'm not ready for you yet!

Raspberries are moving in on the rhubarb. The raspberries desperately need to be brought under control. It's rather scary - I only planted these about 5 years ago.  They can sense weakness :-(

The snowdrops we planted last summer are doing really well on the right hand side of the top garden:

I got the ancestors of these ramsons in a online seed swap. They really seem to like it here!

I can't remember planting these snowdrops, so they may already have been here. Or they may be volunteers. I don't think they are deliberate because they are doubles.  I rarely plant double flowers, they always look overfrilly to me.

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