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On the beach

On Saturday, I drove up to Crackington Haven on the North Coast to meet up with my mum and her dogs, Ronnie and Smudge. We did a chunk of the coast path Westwards. A lot of the cliff isn't fenced that way, so I kept getting my heart in my mouth as Mollydog went to stand right next to the edge - I put her on the lead for some bits in the end.

We saw some interesting Primeval Sheep - pale brown, with very light fleeces, and a posture more like deer than sheep. I assume the NT puts them there to keep the grass down, as I can't think the cliffs make very lush grazing.

Then as there didn't seem to be a circular path, we went back to CH for some very nice crab sandwiches. Crackington Haven is tiny, yet somehow seems to support two excellent cafes still open in October - very good!

Envigorated by this, we did another chunk of the coast path Eastwards, to see where it went (up, mostly). By the time we'd finished exploring that way, the tide had gone out, so we went down onto the beach and the dogs (and me) had a whale of a time chasing each other and splashing in the sea. Ronnie loves water, and Mollydog loves playing with Ronnie, so they both got quite wet.

Inspired by this, after I'd mowed the lawn on Sunday, Polo, Mollydog and I went to the South coast, to Seaton.

I have to admit that Seaton is not quite as nice as Crackington Haven, but it does have a bigger beach and some interesting rock pools. We had lunch at a cafe on a balcony looking out over the sea. Mollydog has got used to eating out, and was very well behaved in the cafe, though she did refuse to sit on the hard floor till I put my manky old fleece coat down for her to sit on. Well, a greyhound cannot have chafed elbows, now can she?
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