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At the start of Jan, and after MUCH agonising I decided to treat myself to these wellies (Hunter Balmoral Neoprene).  That is far more than I have ever spent on wellies before, most of my previous wellies having been of the 'tenner from the farm supply shop' variety.   I think my current bog-standard green pair may have been as much as £20, and have lasted me about 8 years, but they aren't the warmest or most comfortable things to walk in.

I ventured a couple of years ago to get some Muck Boots - neoprene wellies for extra warmth, and was well please with those for a while -  but they got punctured because I wore them so much (they were sooo comfy!).  I had planned to get more muck boots, but the problem with them is that they are very tight in the calf, and so not so easy to slip on and off.  I really need easy access wellies as what with the dogs and the gardening, there's a horrible lot of mud in my life...   So when I saw that the Hunter variety had a little expanding catch thing on the side to allow easier access, I decided to give them a go.

Sadly, when I ordered I got an email saying they'd just sold out of my size, but expected to get it back in within 14 days tops.  OK, no problem.  I have wellies, and can wait. 16 days later, I emailed Easy Wellies: "Where are my wellies? "  They contacted Hunter, who said they would be there in a couple of days.  OK, fair enough, I do still have my green backup wellies, I am not wellieless. I can wait a bit longer.

Yesterday I gave up and emailled to cancel my order.  A nice bloke from Easy Wellies then contacted me to say: we still can't get those wellies, talking to Hunter is like talking to (and I quote) 'a bunch of slugs'  but I can have a free upgrade to these bamboo carbon wellies which are in stock, if I like, because they have taken so long about it.     They have promised to send them out today.   Fingers crossed that they fit after all that!   The idea of wellies made from bamboo is an odd one, but who knows.  Maybe bamboo is a leap forward when it comes to wellie technology.  I just hope they fit after all that!



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11th Feb, 2009 15:09 (UTC)
I've heard good things about bamboo fibre, although admittedly not in the context of wellies. Very comfortable and can be extremely absorbent if necessary...
11th Feb, 2009 17:03 (UTC)
I do like the idea of "high performance" wellies, as these claim to be. I'm imagining them going very very fast around the Top Gear track, driven by a very small Stig.
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