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Dogs broken again, etc, etc

I foolishly bought a couple of those pre-cooked bones you can get from pet shops for dogs.  I know they are supposed to be a bit risky, but they have had them in the past with no problems, and the weather was so awful I thought I'd get them something to keep them busy as they had only had a short walk as it was so foul.

Mollydog developed the most awful attack of the runs, and this morning I found she had been sick all over the place - it took ages to clean up!  She was very dozy this morning and didn't even want to go out till about lunchtime.  Az seems OK, but a bit quiet, and refused to eat, even his very favorite dried tripe. 

edit: Az has just been sick and brought up a little grass.  Am now wondering if it was Molls who was sick this morning or him.

On the whole, it would have been easier to just have them chucking squeakies round the place and playing the 'I'm gonna eat your head!' game all day.

We had a faulty fan diagnosed: a new one will cost £236 plus fitting, so I'm getting someone in who is Keston approved to double check that we actually need it, as the guy didn't seem entirely sure that was definitely the problem. 

edit again, 11th Feb - Keston man has been, says that the ignition board and fan had both failed. but has replaced them both so at least the damn thing is running again!  On the other hand, he was here for over an hour and replaced two parts, so somewhat dreading the bill.

And my car alarm has just gone off, apparently to warn me that it has started to rain.  And when I came back into the room from turning that off, I found Yama Bungle sitting on my keyboard having typed a number of things that were no doubt exciting, but probably not stuff I want to post.  Get your own blog, Yama!

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