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On showers and the cold

Our dratted boiler has decided once again that winter is the ideal season for it to take a few days off and take things easy.  Thankfully we have a calor fire and an electric shower till it gets fixed.   Did I mention my top boiler-related tip: do not buy a Keston boiler...?

The shower is rather feeble and must be at least  10 years old.  I have looked at replacing it, but the problem is that the cable running to the shower is only 6mm, which if I have understood the regulations correctly, means that one cannot use it to power a shower of more than about 7.5Kw - otherwise there is a risk that the cable, rather than just the shower, gets hot. Which is not a good thing to happen inside a wall. 

There are some showers available at 7.5KW, but something says to me: if you are going to go to the expense of replacing the shower, would it not be a good move to buy a better shower rather than a straight replacement?  Which would mean pushing new cable through the wall and possibly doing something to the fusebox, so more expensive and fiddly.  And probably damaging to the shower enclosure, which means more fuss...

The shower enclosure does need doing something about at some point, as there are mouldy bits and if you point the shower in just the right direction it sometimes leaks a bit. So, that would mean buying a new enclosure, a new shower, a new cable, possibly a new fusebox...

I just can't face doing all of that yet, so I've just given the room a coat of paint.  At least it will look nice and clean for a bit anyway. Need to get a new floor covering and a blind of some sort too...

When such topics are discussed on DIY forums there are always loads of people going 'forget the electric, just connect directly to the hot water tank'.  I don't want to do this: we already have a shower over the bath that takes water from that tank, and it's really useful to have a means of washing that is independent of the boiler.  We are not on mains gas so theoretically there is a possibility one day that the tank won't be refilled in time, apart from the vagaries of the boiler itself.

Actually, seeing it all written down like this I'm now thinking I should have bitten the bullet and sorted out the basic underlying problems. Drattitude.

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