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I've bought some horse manure to go in my raised beds, and some knobbly pine bark to spread between them and keep the weeds down.  Fingers crossed it doesn't pour with rain tomorrow and I may be able to get the other bed up and maybe even some compost in.

WHERE ARE MY SEEDS???  I know it's too soon to plant them, but I want to gloat over them.  They haven't arrived yet.  Woe is me.

I have scrubbed the ceiling of the shower room with bleach, then I discovered that the white paint that I KNOW I had in the utility room has apparently been eaten by mice or stolen and sold  by the cats, or  something.  I can't find it anywhere.  I do have a lot of pale and mid-blue paint, and I'm tempted to use that, only it's not specifically bathroom paint, and part of me says that it would be better to use something more waterproof....  Bleh, if I were more decisive this would have been sorted over a year ago.
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