bunn (bunn) wrote,


What is the point! What IS the point of it?

The actual printed yellow pages has pages and pages of print shops in Plymouth, and piles more in the surrounding area. Yell has 3.

What a pointless, pointless service. If you are looking in the yellow pages, what you want is a big bunch of options. 3 print shops is about as much use as a chocolate telephone if you are phoning round for competitive quotes.

Running the website can't cost *that* much and they charge sooo sooo much for a YP inclusion. I think we paid £230 this year for a mere bold line entry in the Plymouth book and one in the Exeter book (I feel you can't just not be in, it looks wrong).

For £230 for a line entry, they can't serve up a copy of their database record? Bah!

(In case you are wondering, I'm phoning round for prices for Oldies Club christmas cards. If anyone reading this has a good cheap colour printing service they'd recommend, I'd really really love to hear about it! Doesn't matter if it's not round here: I have People most places who can do the actual 'here is a disk' 'thank you here is a credit card' bit.)

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