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Snowdrops reporting for duty!

Some of the snowdrops we planted in March are now flowering! 

For some reason, those planted towards the West end of the top of the garden are considerably more advanced than the rest, or for that matter, than the ones that were already in position.  Those are showing leaves, but no flowers yet. I really wouldn't have thought that area got significantly more light or warmth than the rest of it, but it appears it must do.

I've been bramblebashing again. It's an endless task, though it's slightly cheering that most of what I am clearing now are mostly seedlings or one-year plants that had been missed, rather than the Master Vampire brambles we used to be dealing with.   My first lot of raised beds should be here next week, and I've just cleared a space where I can put another rather smaller one.

So much to do!  I spent a long time looking and going "Hum" at the area that I think was once long ago a herb bed (at any rate, it has 2 disintegrating plastic buckets embedded in it, which may once have hosted mints, and a very very old sage bush still hobbling along.)  The area is nowhere near flat, so not mowable, I don't think I can easily get the plastic out of it. Until I yanked it all out, it was also a playground for couch grass.  I'm inclined to stick something black over the top of it for a season to kill off the weeds, only it's so lumpy I'm not sure I'll be able to get soil fabric to stay in place on it.. Hum.

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